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There are so many different supplements, it can be confusing deciding which is best for your needs. To help you, on this page we introduce the “higher level” purpose, or the categories, within which our supplements can be found, or the symptoms that HealthDreams supplements help to alleviate. Many of HealthDreams supplements are in many different categories, so select whichever category you think suits your needs best, and follow the link.  Alternatively, look for (some) of the symptoms on the right hand side, and search by a symptom that you (or a loved one or colleague) might have!

HealthDreams Supplements

Heart Health: As it says on the label. Supplements to improve the health of the Heart. A vital organ, it is the last organ in our body that works. Keeping a heart healthy is vital for a healthy life.

Super Acai Plus; Southern Oceans Krill; Omega 3,6,9; Red Superfood duo; Surf n Turf; Nature Fibre Complex; Uber Green foods; Super Nutrient Blend; Uber C Vit;

HealthDreams Supplement Categories

Alkalising Products: The consensus of opinion among experts in such matters is that to maintain optimum health, we need to maintain a slightly Alkaline body at cellular level. In a nutshell, this means lower sodium, and more potassium and magnesium. Rather than chugging down potassium and magnesium supplements though, which will probably cause an imbalance elsewhere, our Alkalising products are supplements that contain NATURALLY DERIVED (very important) ingredients. These provide a balanced supply of beneficial nutrients that ALSO, leave your body in a healthy, balanced, Alkaline state, allowing you to aim to reach those HealthDreams and maintain a healthier body. These products include:-

Red Superfood Duo, Nature Fibre Complex, Uber Green Foods, Hemp Protein Complex, Super Liver Clear, Super Nutrient Blend, Uber C Vit, Dream Surf n Turf, Water Ban

Anti-oxidant Products: Within our bodies are approximately 37 trillion plus cells. Between all these cells, trillions of chemical reactions occur every second. This results in millions of free radicals being created as a by product of these reactions, In addition, free radicals are imported through foods, toxins and other lifestyle events. To fight these free radicals, anti-oxidants, predominantly found in fruit, veg and other naturally grown foods, are vital. For every free radical immobilised, an antioxidant is used up. Because our bodies are creating millions of free radicals every second, we need to ingest as many anti-oxidants as we can. Obviously continuously eating fruit and veg is not realistic, and even then, much of the fruit and veg found in supermarkets is short on the nutrients and vitamins which are the primary sources of these powerful phytochemicals. You need a good source of natural anti-oxidants, such as those found in HealthDreams supplements. The alternative, namely cheap, synthetically made vitamins (typically purchased from pharmacies and supermarkets) are not viable alternatives as  they are usually digested straight out, without benefit. Only natural and organic sourced where possible, provide maximum benefit, which is why our unique combinations are so effective in helping people meet and exceed their HealthDreams.

Super Acai Plus, Red Superfood Duo, Nature Fibre Complex, Uber Green Foods, Southern Ocean Krill Oil, Super Nutrient Blend, Uber C Vit, Dream Surf n Turf.

Cleanse & Detox: You cannot reach optimum health if your entire body is not healthy! It sounds obvious, but most people don’t think about the health of their entire system. Most diet products contain sugars, bulking agents and fillers, with no health benefits. We provide a wide range of products that will help you to detox, repair and strengthen your gut walls and help you reset your digestive system to GO! With a healthy digestive system, your immune system will be strong, your weight will be easier to manage, you will feel more energetic, and will have a much better quality of life overall.! Remember, we only use natural and organic ingredients that are tried and tested, in unique formulations that you will not find elsewhere.

ConstiGone, Nature Fibre Complex, Probiotic Calm, Probiotic4Kids, Super Liver Clear, Super Probiotic, Quick Lax, Super Cleanse, Herbal Cleanse, Uber Probiotic, SuirfnTurf, All in 1 GutM8.

Diet Foods:  Despite the claims you read on the Internet, there is no simple food or pill that will make you lose weight, just like that, giving you the perfect beach body. You have to work at weight loss, some more than others. HealthDreams supplements are, on the outside just like some of the products you pay more for on the High Street. On the inside, it is a very different matter. No gimmicks. Our blends have more active ingredients sourced from quality natural or organic foods. We do not bulk with anti caking agents and all the other chemicals that make up the bulk of ingredients in those other products you might be tempted to buy. Instead of buying five single ingredient products full of anti caking agents and other junk you don’t need, stick to HealthDreams supplements. Everything in there will help you. How much weight you lose is up to you. You do need to work at it, but if you do, with our help, you will drop the pounds, and if you maintain your new diet, you will keep those pounds at at bay.

Uber Green Foods, Hemp Protein Complex, Nutri Meal Chocolate, Nutrimeal Vanilla, Uber Protein Plus,

Digestive System: To maintain a healthy lifestyle, and build your immune system, your digestive system needs to be in tip top condition and working properly. A chain is as strong as its weakest link, and so unless your digestive system is working effectively, you cannot find optimum health.

Nutrients are absorbed in the gut, and toxins are extracted in the gut. You need to eliminate all the toxins and other rubbish swilling around inside you. Too many people just adapt to an unhealthy lifestyle and just accept it. Bloating, pain, feeling lethargic and lacking energy. All these symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system, can be eliminated by careful diet, regular exercise, and most importantly a regimen of HealthDreams supplements

ConstiGone: Nature Fibre Complex, Digest Aid, Probiotic Calm, Probitic4kids, Super Amino Acid, Super Liver Clear, Super Probiotic, Quick Lax, Super Cleanse, Herbal Cleanse.

Uber Green Foods, Hemp Protein Complex, Nutri Meal Chocolate, Nutrimeal Vanilla, Uber Protein Plus,

Food Form: Nutrients straight from nature, in a food state form. Unlike many of our more expensive competitors, our supplements are not synthetically generated chemicals. but are actually derived from the highest quality food available to us, of its type. Great for nutrient stacking, disease fighting, immune building and general good health, these highly nutritious supplements will keep you young, active and in better health than you would be without them.All natural, many are sourced from the finest organic crops.

Super Acai Plus; Nature Fibre Complex, Uber Green Foods, Red Super duo, Southern Oceans Krill oil, Uber C Vit, Omegas 3,6,9.; Super Nutrient Blend;

Immune System: If there was only one reason to take supplements, building a strong immune system would be a contender for the No 1 spot. This reason alone will be important to every living woman, man or child, whatever their age, physical appearance, body condition or attitude towards health. Not catching every cold and germ floating around, and by only suffering a few days if you are unlucky enough to catch a very occasional bug, is an easily achievable dream, yet only the reality for a very select few. HealthDreams supplements, will improve your immune system and for the majority of people, your days of being “under the weather” will be numbered. You too, will be able to fight off colds and flu’s and everything else, long before they get a chance to take hold of your system.

Super Acai Plus; Southern Oceans Krill; Uber green foods; Red superfood duo; Probiotic Calm; Super nutrient Blend; Probitic4kids; Super Probiotic; Nutri Meal; Uber C vit; Super Amino Acid; Uber Probiotic; Omega 3,6,9; Surfn Turf;

Joint & Flexibility: Arthritis, Rheumatic pain, osteo arthritis. It is not just for the elderly. Sports injuries are more common in the young than people imagine, and HealthDreams joint and flexibility supplements are as much for the young and active athlete as they are for the older athlete or non athlete, regardless of their age or body and pain issues. Inactivity causes stiffness in joints, and inactivity is predominantly found in office workers and those struck in a driving seat all day, regardless of age.

Omega 3,6,9; Southern Oceans Krill oil; Red superfood duo; Uber C Vit; Joint Ease; Super Amino Acid;

Meal Replacement: HealthDreams meal replacements are highly nutritious products that, depending on your needs, supply you with a broad range of nutrients, vitamins and other minerals that you would not necessarily readily find in most meals. Not only are they nutritiously balanced, but they ate low calorie. More importantly, unlike those you buy in your local chemist, they are not full of skimmed milk powder, sugars, bulking agents, anti caking agents and other additives and preservatives with no noticeable health benefits. In fact, every person should take a HealthDreams meal replacement product daily, for no other reason than to increase their nutrient intake and improve their digestive system. Especially beneficial for the inactive, dieters and the elderly, we also provide specialist Vegan and Kosher options, and options for active athletes and body builders.

Uber Green Foods; Hemp Protein Complex; Uber Protein Plus; Nutri Meal; Whey Protein Complex;