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About Us

Nutritional Based Supplements

All our supplements have been specifically formulated with the consumers health in mind. The natural ingredients are chosen to make your life better. More importantly, none of these are single active ingredients. We use only natural or organic ingredients because a man made vitamin is not recognised by the body as a Vitamin, but as a foreign object, so despite what it says on the label, is not properly digested. Our supplements are all easily absorbed and used by the body as required. They help you reach your Health Dreams as quickly, economically and efficiently as possible!

How do I know which supplements are best for me?

There are many different products on the streets, but ours are tried and tested to work as efficiently as possible on human beings. There are many similar sounding supplements on this site, so read the descriptions and decide which ones sound more suitable for your needs. There is literally something for everyone. If you are not sure, contact us and we will help you chose or answer any questions where possible

Why are Health Dreams Supplements different?

It is important to us is that these supplements are the best they could be. They are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards in a British facility guided by good manufacturing process. Our customers want them to be as close to nature as possible and where appropriate, Organic, sugar free, and GM free. They are. We do not test on animals. Many of the supplements are made from Kosher ingredients, are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, are lactose, dairy and gluten, free. Overall, they work as efficiently as possible and with no added and unnecessary bits in them. 100% of our supplements ingredients are there to make your life better.

Is Organic Healthier for you?

All our supplements use Organic (where possible) or Natural materials.

Why Organic?

The Nutrition content of food is provided by the soil, growing condition, climate, and other variables. Some pesticides negatively influence vitamins and minerals in the young plant.

Our evidence based view on Organic foods is that the residue of pesticides left on non-organic food have no benefit; at best they end up in our digestive system and take up vital nutrients to extract them. At worst, they  cause serious harm. (Pesticides have been found in breast milk and in large quantities in young children, potentially causing liver and organ damage). When those foods are reduced to supplement form, any residues from pesticides will remain.

Because our supplements are 100% beneficial, we will not risk using any ingredients that have been exposed to pesticides, toxins or have been Genetically Modified.

We do not “make do” with ingredients and NEVER compromise where health is concerned